Monday, October 26, 2015

Types of Tapestry Designs (part 2 of 2)

For people who are very religious, you have to get a tapestry similar to those made by Raphael. You  have to remember that he created numerous tapestries often referred to as cartoons which until now can be seen in the Sistine Chapel in Rome. Here, you will get to see images which depict the Acts of the Apostles but Raphael is also known for the Madonna.

If you are a nature lover, you will enjoy getting Verdure tapestries as it depicts forests and landscapes with a few animals, hunters and mythological creatures.

Similar to Verdure tapestries are the Aubusson. This is great to have if you have a farm because the picture shows open lands and cottages in the countryside. Historians believe that this was done to demonstrate wealth and power.

Here at home, we have the American tapestry. Yes this also depicts reality but in an American setting. Some of those you seen in stores are made in Belgium while others come from China.

If you like flowers, there is the floral tapestry. Some of the designs include a bunch of flowers in a vase or wreathes. People enjoy having this in their home because it brightens and warms up any room.

A combination of floral, modern and medieval tapestries can be found in chenille tapestries. The best part about this design is that they don’t only make good wall décor but this can also be used as blankets, rugs and throws.

There are other designs to choose from should you decide to have tapestries in your home. Before you buy one, make sure that this will fit nicely on your wall or wherever else you want to put it otherwise you will have to cut it.

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