Monday, October 26, 2015

Types of Tapestry Designs (part 1 of 2)

Tapestries are made of different fabrics. There is wool, cotton, chenille, silk and a lot more. Some of these look good as curtains while others are ideal to put on the wall or floor.

Regardless of what fabric you buy, stores that offer these sell this to you by the yard. The price varies on two things, the material and the design so you could be paying less than $10 or a little over $20. Here are some of the designs that you will likely find when you go out shopping.

The first is the unicorn and the reason why you will find these in stores is because it has magical and religious implications. It is magical because it represents fidelity, desire for progeny, fidelity, love and marriage. It is also religious because it represents Christ’s incarnation, passion and resurrection. One of the most famous is the Lady of the Unicorn which took more than 15,000 people to finish.

Another design is the medieval tapestry. Here, you have knights on horseback or in battle, a coat of arms and a few religious figures. This is best explained by the fact that each one artwork was human, personal and spiritual.

You also have Renaissance tapestry and by looking at it, you might even say that what you see depicted there is better than the real thing because it produces the illusion of what life should be. The original copies of these tapestries costs more than $200,000 a piece. It is a good thing you don’t have to pay for that when there are replicas readily available.

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